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Abha Founded in 2007 with the aim of development and development and operation of local labor and provide an opportunity for staff Cheba at work in the private sector and reduce the load on the public sector in the operation of the vast amount of young people and work to produce local goods instead of foreign goods and consolidate social relationshipsand to raise awareness of thought industrial and configuration kilometers of professionals in the operation and monument and production machines, industrial Company is Abha of family businesses and came renamed from the initials of the sons of the managing director to his partner and they (Ahmed, banks, Hendrin, now) they are the sons directorCommissioner (Abdullah Ahmad Abdul Rahim), has specialized Abha in the field of food in the production of juices and gypsum types and gypsum Shamia and Ice, as it has in the area of trade export and import goods to and from outside Iraq, as works by directors and Mokhtsaha inthe areas of food and machinery on creativity and innovation that is best for everyone.